Tasting Pizza

shareable by nature

The tasting pizza is a type of contemporary Italian pizza born to create an atmosphere of familiarity and conviviality at the table, allowing you to taste various types toppings. By sharing the pizza - which arrives at the table already cut into slices - among the guests, it is possible to taste several types in the same meal, thus building a complete tasting path. The doughs of this pizza are prepared exclusively with tipo 1 flour and wholemeal whole wheat grain ground stone. Try the various types of dough, all made with live mother paste, such as the pan dough or the Roman shovel dough. The toppings are the result of a search for combinations and embellishments by Tommaso, which enhances the dough with products of excellence a km vero.

Classic pizza

The traditional one

It’s the most traditional pizza. Also for classic pizza doughs we use Molino Quaglia's Petra® flour as well as the live mother dough, to guarantee better product leavening and lightness. The Pergola of Radicondoli joins the project “Figli di PastaMadre Viva" which promotes and aims to make recognizable products made with living sourdough. The classic pizzas are enhanced by excellent ingredients selected from Slow Food Presidia and L'Arca del Gusto products. Vegan and vegetarian pizzas are also available.