Tommaso e Federico Vatti ristorante pizzeria La Pergola

A 20-year history

La Pizza della Pergola

We continue to curate the path of the Pergola trying to keep alive the tradition, culture and memory of this historic open venue that has always been devoted to the avant-garde and rooted in the territory.

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partner di La Pergola

Our ingredients

per true kilometer!
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What do you want to eat?

Classical or Tasting?

Pizza tasting

Tasting pizza is a type of contemporary Italian pizza created to create an atmosphere of familiarity and conviviality at the table; it allows for various types of combinations and is presented already divided into slices.

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La Pergola di Radicondoli

Classic Pizza

Is the most traditional flatbread pizza. Molino Quaglia's Petra® flour and live sourdough is also used for the doughs of the classic pizzas, guaranteeing better product leavening and lightness.

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La Pergola di Radicondoli

La Pergola

A family tradition

La Pergola di Radicondoli overlooks an unforgettable landscape, a sea of green hills that extend to the horizon, in the shade of a pergola that smells of strawberry grapes.