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From producer to consumer

At La Pergola di Radicondoli, pizza has been produced for years, and every pizza is still a discovery towards the success of a product whose deep purpose – in addition to taste – is the digestibility and the importance of using and enhancing first choice products. For his dough, Tommaso uses the power of water and flour to obtain a natural leavening with living sourdough. He uses wholewheat tipo 1 and 100% whole wheat flour with exclusively Italian grains from sustainable, organic and climatic agriculture.

The products that are used for the pizza toppings and for the other dishes of the kitchen come not only from the surrounding area, but from the whole national scene, with the imperative to always follow the seasonal rhythms, privileging what nature offers in the various moments of year … a km vero! That is, interacting directly with the farmers, thus creating a short supply chain from the producer to the transporter.

La Pergola di Radicondoli is part of the Slow Food of Cooks Alliance, an international network of chefs who are commiced to enhancing the products of Slow Food Presidia, Ark of Taste and small local productions, safeguarding food biodiversity at risk of extinction and giving fair value to the producers from which they are supplied.


sustainable, organic and climatic

La Pergola di Radicondoli is Petra® Selected Partner, and therefore uses 100% certified Italian flours from sustainable, organic and climatic agriculture. In particular, the Petra® Evolutiva flour that is used for the dough is produced by Molino Quaglia, and is the result of a mixture of seeds made in Syria, with about 2000 varieties from Algeria, Jordan, Iran and Eritrea and organically grown in Sicily. In addition to pizza, with the same stone-ground flours, Tommaso and his staff produce Tuscan wood-fired bread - a fragrant and delicate bread that thanks to the slow maturation of the flour can be brought to the table for 6/7 days - and large seasonal leavened as Panettone and Colomba, stuffed with artisanal candies and dried fruit.


From certificated origin

There is no pizza without a worthy tomato. Those used at La Pergola are among the best in Italy. The Piennolo del Vesuvio DOP cherry tomatoes are one of the most ancient and typical products of Campania agriculture, which thanks to the traditional "piennolo" method of conservation, take on a lively, unique and delicious flavor; the organic Petrilli di Lucera tomatoes, in Puglia, are grown in a non-intensive way in stony and difficult soil, harvested and peeled still by hand, and they preserve the concentrated and authentic flavor of the sun-ripened tomatoes. The San Marzano DOP tomato Gustarosso di Sarno is the fruit of a territory made unique by water and volcanic soil: it maintains its flavor for a long time with conservation and requires great care in cultivation and harvesting, which takes place in a scalar manner: seven, eight times and even more starting from late July to late September, only when the tomato is well ripe and when the sun goes down.

mozzarella cheese

strictly from Campania

The mozzarella that tops the pizzas of the Pergola is produced with milk from organic Italian farms. Like Fior d'Agerola fiordilatte mozzarella, particularly tasty thanks to the use of milk from the fine Agerola cow and the artisanal production, or like the DOP Campanian Bufala Mozzarella from Il Casolare dairy, produced by a family-run dairy farm and considered one of the best mozzarella in circulation.


a.i.r.o. Selection

One of the convictions that drive Pergola's gastronomic mission is that quality extra-virgin olive oil should be enhanced not only for its organoleptic qualities, but above all for its natural nutritive and healthy properties. For this reason, the Pergola adheres to A.I.R.O (International Association of Restaurants Oil) and is recognized as a Pizzeria of Oil 2018, with the intention of highlighting the excellence of Italian oils. The oils found in the Oil List - and which are used matching to the tasting pizzas - are part of the selection A.I.R.O. and are an expression of the best Italian olive oil production.